Kyowa building management Co.,Ltd Information

Building Management Company established in 1991. 

We "Kyowa building management" are providing better service to you with a new idea for keeping &raising

the value of your building & house.

We act as a powerful partner that can plan and implement efficient management 

and scheduled repairs and maintenance with a view towards the future.

We provide appropriate support for maximizing building asset value and profitability 

from the perspective of reducing costs.

Especially, we have a long experience of building cleaning and electrical facility service for 25 years.

Mainly, we are engaging in public places such as Haneda airport and public facilities.

Therefore, our work ship is based upon the high leveled regulation, safety standard and quality control.

Recently, the various documents required under the regulation and the company's rules for 

the safety, evidence and performance, not only the operation.

Kyowa building management Co., Ltd can support all your requirement and expect.

Please feel free to contact us for the estimation.

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